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Summer Camp

Summer camp is an eco-focused camp arising from the need for children in small rural communities to access and participate in recreational and educational activities for summer vacation. This camp takes place in January, coinciding with the end of sea turtle nesting and the beginning of the dry season on the tropical Pacific coast of Costa Rica when children and teachers are out of school. RPT will provide a staff member with experience in camp logistics and curriculum development during two week-long sessions designed to nurture environmental values and principles of future generations.

The objective of this initiative is to guide youth and promote conservation by inspiring an appreciation of natural resources near their communities. Proposed activities include inquiry driven activities, short presentations about marine life, sea turtles and their habitats and threats, a beach cleanup, and various field-based programs including a visit to the sea turtle hatchery, working at the Butterfly Garden, setting up cameras traps, trips to the archeological museum in the south and a one day snorkel tour to see hawksbill turtle habitat near the coast.

The summer camp is specifically designed for children between 8 and 12 years of age and welcome both local residents and visitors from nearby communities of Playa Tortuga.

On the last day there will be a graduation activity, where they will be given a certificate of participation and in which the children will share what they have learned through a presentation.

Currently, we seek to continue with this initiative, raising the necessary funds to offer this opportunity, at a very low cost, to local children who would not have the means to pay to participate in this type of initiative.

For this reason, we ask that you support us with $45, to raise the necessary funds, so that participating children have the opportunity to participate in all activities of the camp, including a whale watching tour to the open sea, snorkeling and transportation to and from RPT.

If you register as a sponsor, we will send you a photographic certificate and a thank you letter signed by the children who attended the camp. Please follow the link below to make a donation, or if you need more information contact us at rptojochal@gmail.com

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Your support is important to implementing, maintaining and growing the programs of research and education that our organization carries out with the purpose of conserving Costa Rica’s natural resources.


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