Reserva Playa Tortuga invites you to join the Global Big Day, this 9 of May, an annually initiative to identify and celebrate the birds that live around you. It’s a nice and safe activity to do during quarantine.

You can join for more details but here is some useful info👇

How to participate

🐦Get an eBird account: is a worldwide bird checklist program used by millions of birders. It’s 100% free from start to finish.

🐦Watch birds on 9 May: It’s that simple. You don’t need to be a bird expert or go out all day long, even 10 minutes in your backyard counts. Global Big Day runs from midnight to midnight in your local time zone. You can report what you find from anywhere in the world.

🐦Enter what you see and hear in eBird: You can enter your sightings via website ( or download the free eBird Mobile app, which makes adding what you see even easier. You can enter and submit lists while out birding, and the app tracks how far you’ve walked so you can focus on enjoying the birds. While you’re downloading free apps, try out the Cornell Lab’s Merlin Bird ID app for help with identification.

🐦Watch the sightings roll in: During the day, follow along with sightings from more than 170 countries in real-time on the Global Big Day page.

Good luck!!! and remember to tag Reserva Playa Tortuga in your social media, to see how are you all doing