At the end of July, an adult green turtle was found dead on Playa Tortuga.  It was tagged, so Oscar was able to find out that this turtle had been at Isabela Island in 2011.  Isabela Island is the largest island of the Galápagos, off of Ecuador.  This is more than 1,000 kilometers from Costa Rica.  This turtle was reported to have laid two nests there at that time.


Unfortunately, there is no further information on this turtle since 2011, nor do we know what caused it’s death.   It is a bit early for the green turtles to nest (they start nesting in September in the Pacific), though we do know the green turtles tend to be found in the area of Puerto Jimenez to eat before nesting.


However, this does demonstrate the importance and usefulness of tagging turtles, as it gives us a glimpse into how far turtles will travel.

Acerca de la tortuga verde muerta en playa tortuga , fue marcada en la isla isabela en ecuador en 2011, ahí le registraron dos nidos y no sabían más de ella hasta hoy. Más de 1000km de costa rica.