From the first Saturday of September, the Reserva Playa Tortuga Butterfly Garden will have a monthly guided tour open to the public. The visit lasts approximately 90 minutes, and will be guided by Melissa Jiménez or Graciela Pulido. Different species of butterflies can be observed inside and outside the butterfly garden, as well as host plants and their relationship. Visitors will also learn about the management and maintenance protocol and production of butterflies, and concepts such as life cycle, metamorphosis, characteristics of insects and ecology of butterflies.

How was the butterfly garden born?

The butterfly garden began in 2010, as an initiative at that time of the Biologist Oscar Brenes, to create a space for research and reproduction of butterflies. In addition to this the Butterfly House was built and the reproduction of butterflies began.

In 2011, with the attention of Biologist Elena Vargas, visits were initiated by students from educational centers such as Flor de Bahía, Escuela Verde and Escuela Tortuga, in order to learn about the life cycle of butterflies, iridescence and their importance in the ecosystem.

As of 2012, the B.Sc. In Natural Resources Management, Melissa Jiménez, takes over the position of the Butterfly Garden and follows the steps for which this project was founded.

Today, in addition, you can see the laboratory, an open classroom and a nursery for forestry purposes and host plants. The butterfly garden remains a tool for environmental education, which allows many children in the area to be reached, to raise awareness about the conservation of ecosystems and a close experience of studying other living things.

To date we have received visits from 18 educational centers in Osa and the surrounding area, of which at least 640 students have had the experience of visiting the butterfly garden in the last 6 years. All this has been possible thanks to the team and the support of our founders and every volunteer who has contributed their time in the care of these butterflies and their plants.


Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the guided tours, there are only 12 places available.
For reservations please contact 27865200 or email
There is no price for this visit, but a donation is welcome.