Photos and Videos



“Living and Acting for Nature” By Melissa Jiménez K.

“Vida después de 100 años” By Oscar Brenes

“Guajipal, el caimán que parece llevar anteojos” By Breanna Ondich

Sea Turtle Rescuing: Why just one?

“Un gran logro: La Bandera Azul Ecológica” By Melissa Jiménez K.

“Educando sobre mariposas: El ciclo de la vida” By Melissa Jiménez K.

Reserva Playa Tortuga: A local conservation organization making a big difference.

A day in the life of Costa Rica Turtle Conservation volunteer! By Leanne Sturrock


Come participate in our volunteer program and learn in the company of a trained staff about the riches of the South Pacific of Costa Rica.


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