Rochelle on the "Tarzan Swing" at a nearby Zip Line Tour

Rochelle on the “Tarzan Swing” at a nearby Zip Line Tour

The countdown has begun. After five months of staying at Reserva Playa Tortuga to almost going home to the normal life. Only two more weeks and then this big adventure has come to an end. I can’t believe that my time here went so fast. I’ve met so many new people and had so many small adventures in this one really big adventure. I’ve learned how to dive and explored so many places. I’ve seen Caiman and Crocodiles from close by and seen so many new species. There are so many possibilities here in the area. I can definitely say that my time here will stay with me forever. But before I’m going home I’m getting a visit from two important people. People I haven’t seen in those five months and on which I’m waiting now: my parents. I’ve got their schedule planned full. I’m going on my first dive on Caño Island and they are going to snorkel. Next to that I’m going to show them every beautiful spot here in the South of Costa Rica.

-Rochelle van Scheijndel