So, the Summer Club 2019 is over and surely the kids had a blast. They learnt not just on the theory, but also on the field, about so many species and ecosystem in generally. Some of the activities they did were: canopy at Hacienda Baru, turtle exhumation and release, snorkeling and whale watching boat trip, manglar and Garza Island trip, a lot of games, visit to the Butterfly Garden, on the trails around the reserve, and a lot more!

The coordinator of the Environmental Education & Outreach project, Melissa Jiménez-Kardentay, shares some thoughts about the last Summer Club, carried out between January 14th until the 31st.

After 3 weeks at full power with the guys from the camp we finished our Summer Club 2019 and we want to give an special thanks to the Food Bank, Cleveland High School Students in NC, Life Project Education, drivers for kids every day and the different donors for making it possible for these boys and girls have an experience of hand with Nature, alive, acting and choosing for nature and its conservation.
Grateful to the parents who entrust us one more year to establish environmental values in their sons and daughters.
See you the next year!