As part of the Crocodilian Monitoring Project in August 2017 some staff members and volunteers set up the first of 3 GPS logger on talok (croc in Bribri) of a 2.5 mt American croc, at the Terraba River.

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The main objetive of this project is to collect real-time information about the Crocodilians at the Reserve area: their distribution, relationship with the environment, and the human impact on the ecosystem. The research consists of nocturnal monitoring two times per week (depending of the tide) where the eyes of the animals will be detected with flashlights.

IMG_20180220_201449_241The night of the 14th of February 2018, it was set up the second GPS logger on a adult male caiman. That night, beside of setting up the logger, they counted 13 captures, which 3 or 4 were recaptured individuals.

5 days later, the job was finally done, after they setup the third and last GPS logger on a male American croc, of 1.8 mt. From now on this tagged animals will start sending data, which will be collected and analyzed, in order to help the conservation and management of this species by adding new information about its current status in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.


Thanks to all the people involved in this project: volunteers, interns, friends, local assistants, etc.

Photos by © Lainneker Sanchez