What does start the turtle season mean?
It means we need more coffee for our staff and volunteers on night patrols!
Turtle season for Playa Tortuga officially started last month (July).  We built the beach hatchery, which means digging, moving, and sifting A LOT of beach sand.  This is done to help ensure the beach sand in our hatchery is free from human debris and trash, which, unfortunately, does accumulate on our beach.
After the hatchery was finished, we went to work building the beach camp.  This is the shelter used by our staff and volunteers while out on night patrols and guarding the hatchery.  Volunteers are assigned shifts to be on patrol, walk the beach and watch for turtles arriving to lay their nests.
Turtle season runs through the end of December, and we will be posting updates all season long. We have still have space for volunteers to join us.  Patrol the beach, tag turtles, guard the hatchery, and help with the release of the baby turtles when they hatch!  Click here for more info.