Volunteer Application

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Reserva Playa Tortuga volunteer application form.

3 thoughts on “Volunteer Application

  1. Kathy Snyder

    I plan to travel to Costa Rica in November. I would like to volunteer the week of the 6th. Is this week available for beach patrols?

  2. Kim butler

    Hi please can you tell me the kinds of things I could be involved with if I book to volunteer with you from March 9th to March 16?
    1. What is best day to arrive. March 9th is Friday is this ok or is Sunday best.
    2. I am interested in environmental education as well as the Caiman project, can you describe what I could be getting involved with during the month of March please?
    3. Also your application form is for 2016 does this matter?

    Many thanks

    Kim butler

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