Volunteer Testimonials

Helen Rogers, United Kingdom

helen“I was looking to do some marine conservation when I came across RPT on the Working Abroad website. The turtles appealed to me first but the variety of projects made it an easy decision. I have been able to help with patrolling the beach for turtles at night, exhuming nests and releasing baby turtles, cleaning out and hatching butterflies, snake walks in the jungle and data collection on capture, crocodile monitoring in the boat and data collection on capture, macaw and bird monitoring, gathering shark population data,  measuring beach erosion, beach cleaning, reforestation of the beach… the list is endless. No day is the same but they are all an experience. As I was here for 3 months I also got some responsibilities of my own: checking the camera traps weekly and taking people out on monkey walks a few times a week. I have really enjoyed my time here and learnt so much.  With both jungle and beach, river and ocean itvreally does have it all. It’s a beautiful place, and the staff are all so lovely and supportive not to mention knowledgeable. The only downside for me has been some of the bugs – it turns out I’m a favourite on the bug menu! I have had an amazing time and would highly recommend this project to anyone with an interest in wildlife and conservation with a thirst for adventure”.

Michael Lavery, New Zealand

mike1“I have a great passion for reptiles, and so when I saw RPT offering turtles, crocodiles, and snakes, I immediately looked for the sign-up application. In the end this project offered so much more. I got the opportunity to be involved in bird observation walks, shark surveys, late night beach patrols looking for nesting turtles, releasing newly hatched baby turtles, snakes walks, maintaining a butterfly garden, croc/caiman searches, and more. I will never forget the humbling experience of watching a female turtle come up the beach and lay her eggs. There were also amazing opportunities to help out in the local community. I spent one month at the reserve and I could have happily stayed on so much longer. I loved every minute, and the people are incredible. You’re staying in a gorgeous part of the world, with incredible wildlife everywhere.  If you want a real conservation experience then this project is the place for you”.