Sea Turtle FAQ

You’ve got questions about the turtles that nest on Playa Tortuga? We’ve got answers!


1. What kind of Sea Turtles visit Tortuga Beach?

Tortuga Beach is an Olive Ridley Sea Turtle nesting beach, though there are reports of green turtle and leatherback turtles nesting here as well.

2. Can I see baby turtles, and when?

The best time to see baby turtles is after September when we have our first hatchlings.  Some public turtle releases will be done throughout the season.  Follow us on Facebook to be kept up-to-date on the latest announcements.

3. Is there any way I can see the turtles lay eggs?

It is possible to join the Reserva Playa Tortuga’s patrol team every night from August 1st to November 30th.  If you are local, call us at 2786-5200 to set that up.  If you are visiting RPT as a volunteer or intern, this will be part of your duties. Go here to learn more about how to volunteer.

4. Are kids allowed, and if so, what ages?

The minimum age is 10 years old to join us on a beach patrol, and must be accompanied by a responsible adult. In order to join our volunteer program, you must be at least 18 years old.  All ages are welcome to join when there is a public release of baby hatchlings.

5. How many turtles visit Playa Tortuga each year?

The number changes every season, but an average of 40 adult Olive Ridley females arrive to nest each year.

6. How many eggs can a female turtle lay?

At Playa Tortuga, we’ve recorded Olive Ridley turtles laying on average 98 eggs per nest.

7. What are the best months to see turtles nesting?

The peak of nesting season at Playa Tortuga is from August to October. If you are most interested in helping us record nesting turtles, this is the best time of the year to volunteer with us.

8. How many baby turtles are released, per season, at Playa Tortuga?

On average, around 4,000 baby turtles are released each season.

For more information on RPT’s turtle program, go here.