Mammal Inventory Project

monoWithin the Reserva, there are more than 11 species of mammals – the most common being raccoons, coatis, kinkajous, weasels, river otters, tayra and monkeys.

Capuchin monkeys, like the one pictured here, are easy to find into the Reserva forest.  Anteaters, opossums, and sloths are also common in the area but a bit harder to observe.

There is also evidence of an Ocelot (detected by trail cameras) in the Balso River!

The trail cameras are an excellent tool to determinate the presence, abundance of mammals in the area.  The mammals are important for the forest dynamic balance, and by getting data on their behavior (diet) and local movements, it offers information that can be used in reforestation plans for the coastal area to establish Biological Corridors.