Butterfly Garden Project

mari (7)The Butterfly Garden has educational purposes and seeks to be a tool for the teaching-learning process in students, allowing to contextualize the curriculum issued by the Ministry of Public Education, which allows teaching about concepts such as the life cycle of insects, the ecological role they play in nature and the biological and cultural relationships they maintain.

In recent years it has been an open classroom fulfilling the necessary conditions to perform experiments on biology, ecology and ethology, such as: behavior, territoriality, longevity and courtship, for their science works and scientific fairs.

Some of the native species that can be found are: Siproeta stelenes, Caligo brasilensis, Heliconius ismenius, Morpho helenor, etc.


Activities to be done by volunteers:

  • Activities with students
  • Collection and identification of butterflies
  • Transplant of host plants
  • Transfer of pupae and larvae
  • Data collection in the laboratory