Reserva Playa Tortuga

Environmental Education

This project runs all the year long

chiquisIt is essential for future generations to understand the importance of environmental conservation and natural resources management.  The children of Osa are the future heirs of the natural resources that we are working to preserve today.  As such, we consider the school community of the Grande de Térraba Circuit of major importance with regard to this goal

It is part of the Reserva’s core mission to educate and actively involve the youth and community at large in these areas.  We do this by conducting workshops and activities for children and their families from schools in the region.

To this end, we have created an Environmental Education Program, which consists of a yearlong curriculum of modules based on the different conservation projects and natural resource management projects that Reserva is currently working on.

The school children of the Térraba Grande Circuit are vital participants in our efforts to create and ensure a healthy coastal environment managed by a population with a strong sense of the importance of long-term eco-sustainable development and management of natural resources.

We aim create environmental awareness and active stewardship through lectures, guided tours, field trips and volunteering with schools such as Tortuga Elementary School, Puerto Nuevo Elementary School, Flor de Bahía Elementary School and Escuela Verde. We have also made site visits to several schools of the schools of Cortés district, Punta Mala, and San Isidro, where we have conducted participatory workshops and field trips.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to be part of the workshops, prepare materials, make crafts, conduct and work with children of the schools during the workshops.