Crocodilian Monitoring Project

DSC_7049The main objective of this study is to collect real-time information about the Crocodilians at the Reserve area: their distribution, relationship with the environment, and the human impact on the ecosystem. We are doing an initial profile of the population, in order to help the conservation and management of this species by adding new information about its current status in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.


Because it is an initial study, the research consists of nocturnal monitoring two times per week (depending of the tide) where the eyes of the animals will be detected with flashlights.  We count the number of animals and mark their locations with GPS.  Small-sized individuals (less than 1 meter) will be captured to determine the species, actual size, sex, and health condition. Those animals will be tagged by cutting a little notch in the tail scales and released.


Flash lights, kayaks, leather gloves, tape, GPS, camera.