Birds Monitoring Project

Weekly birds observations are made in the surroundings of the Reserve and Ojochal town, this in order to maintain a good record and an updated list of the different species of birds that inhabit or frequent nearby areas to the Reserve.


Monitoring of Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao) in Tortuga Beach

Playa Tortuga is monitored during low tide in order to perform counts of Scarlet Macaw with the intention of identifying if there are fluctuations in the number of these or if the specimens that are in the zone present numbers stable through time, parallel to this we will make a list of species of trees that Macaws use in the surroundings of the reserve and beach in order to understand which species make up their diet, as well as to identify if these birds nest in the area or only use the resources of the area during the day and then move to their resting IMG_0893areas.

Macaw, Scarlett