Do you want to participate as an intern with us? Here you can find some important points to keep in mind:

✓ A minimum of 4 weeks stay is recommended depending on the topic you want to develop.

✓ The Reserve can propose topics, and the same is open to the student proposing their own research ideas, which will be analyzed by the organization to see the scope and real possibilities of execution of the topic.

✓ For the approval of the internship the interested ones must present the official documentation of their respective university and forms of agreements, otherwise the internship can not be done.

✓The Reserve is committed to supporting the inmate in terms of logistics, necessary basic equipment and field assistance when required for the execution of their work. If the proposal goes beyond the technical capacity of the Reserve, the inmate must have his own team to do so.

✓ The Reserve will cover the cost of lodging and basic services for the inmate, but the inmate will have to cover the cost referring to his / her food, which is $170 per week.

✓ The inmate must pay the round trip tickets from his country of origin to the Reserve and viceversa.

✓ The quotas to carry out the internships are subject to the availability of rooms and research interests of the Reserve.

Are you a University student and wish to do a research project with the Reserve? You can apply directly through the Contact form below:

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