Melissa Jiménez Kardentey – Environmental Education and Outreach Program Coordinator

Melissa is passionate about natural resources with a natural curiosity to learn and teach about nature.  She has worked closely with researchers in conservation biology, with the main objective to project this knowledge to new generations.  Melissa has worked in schools educating children and teachers about nature.  She has been involved closely and supported community organizations in environmental initiatives as a strategy to increase environmental awareness based on life experience and strengthening of culture for sustainable and harmonious life with nature. She also has experience in organizing events such as festivals and environmental celebrations and other activities of community involvement.

At Reserva Playa Tortuga, she has created and implemented the “Green Era” educational program in surrounding schools. In 2013, she began to promote the delivery of the program, “Teach the teacher”, convinced of the importance of educating the teachers as a tool to multiply the knowledge to new generations. In addition, she has continued to work in the butterfly garden as this is one of the main tools to sensitize children.