What's Happening At Reserva Playa Tortuga

Intern will lead study about tent-making bats

Reserva Playa Tortuga has received a new intern from HAS University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) called Michelle Bakker, who will work during 20 weeks in the study “Characterization of the tent-making bat species present at the RPT”. The methodology is to walk 3...

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Ocelots will be studied by intern from Netherlands

Tessa Van de Pas is a new intern from HAS University of Applied Sciences (Netherlands) who will spend 20 weeks in Reserva Playa Tortuga studing the ocelots. Tessa will use 6 cameras that are installed around the trails of the reserve, which will be 24 hours on. After...

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3 GPS loggers were set up in 2 crocs and 1 caiman

As part of the Crocodilian Monitoring Project in August 2017 some staff members and volunteers set up the first of 3 GPS logger on talok (croc in Bribri) of a 2.5 mt American croc, at the Terraba River. The main objetive of this project is to collect real-time...

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